Musician Bashed By A Club In Delhi Has Sparked Outrage

A musician is not safe in India.  We talk about freedom and other bullshit but when it comes to an artist, all dignity and human nature are gone. Moreover, the artist is also a human. In fact, they want love and support from you guys, not the hate. At many instances musicians have been underpaid by businesses or shooed away by the Police. In this case, an artist was paying a tribute to late Chester Bennington. Which was powered by the Cacophony Networks at Turquoise Cottage, Green Park, New Delhi.

The whole incident took place when their band’s manager went up to the bartender to collect their band’s cheque. According to him, there was a misunderstanding about the orders. Furthermore, they wanted to exit and they got ready to pay the extra amount. But, the staff at the Turquoise Cottage apparently started abusing them. As a matter of fact, a heated argument began.

Sahil Sharma, The Victim Shared All The Information On Facebook And The Post Got Viral. This Is What He Mentioned In His Post:

“This bartender came out from behind the bar and started arguing heatedly with him. I walked over and the only thing I heard was this bartender, whose name turned out to be Harpal saying, Tu bahar toh chal. Then, I tried to calm him down and asked what it was all about. In response to which, he started pushing the both of us.”

Turquoise Brawal 1

“I asked the manager Anil Bisht, all dressed in a black suit to just calm them down and sort the situation, he did NOTHING. While I was trying to understand what was happening and trying to slack his pushes on the both of us, the situation escalated. This guy made a grab at my THROAT.”

Following the incident, the owner of Turquoise Cottage issued a statement.

The Owner Of Turquoise Cottage Issued A Statement Regarding This. This Is What He Has To Say About The Whole Incident:

“Turquoise Cottage has been one of the first venues to start live music and gigs in the city, and have been doing so successfully for the last 20 years. During this tenure, we have never witnessed any such incident. We have total respect for artists, the music community, and our patrons; and have nothing but gratitude for each one of them.”

“The unfortunate incident going viral on social media is just a one-sided story. We would like to clear all this with the help of legit and proper evidence in form of videos and documents.”

Turquoise brwal

“It is quite clear that the gentlemen were pushing around and manhandling our staff, and it was our staff that was trying to pacify them. The gentlemen were not willing to settle their outstanding bills. Given their aggression. We calmly asked them to leave our premises in order to prevent any future unpleasantness as visible in the video.”

“While they were being escorted out, one of them lost his balance and hurt himself. In case there was a brawl (as suggested by the gentleman in question), there would have been more scars and bruises on his face and other body parts.”

While we it is hard to find out the real truth, the outrage sparked by this controversy has proven that artists can use Internet as a tool to fight against injustice. What do you think about this whole facade? Share your views with us!