Mumbai’s Swadesi drop their debut album “CHETAVNI”


Multilingual and socially-conscious Hip-Hop crew Swadesi have dropped their 9 track debut album “CHETAVNI”. With their unsparing lyrical content mixed with folk and bass music, Swadesi has created a unique sound and brand of its own in the Indian music landscape.

Album Art

Swadesi believes in ‘music with a cause’ and go by a sound that is traditional yet global. Five years after their first release ‘Laaj Watte Kai’, the multi-lingual hip-hop group has come to represent the socio-political conscience of the city. Their album Chetavni also arrives at a pivotal moment in Indian history, with class-inequality and communal violence seemingly being seeped into the legal and social fabric of Indian society. MC Mawali, Tod Fod, 100RBH, Maharya, and BamBoy pull no punches in their critique of the Indian state, delivering scathing indictments of the ruling elite that are packaged in witty punchlines.

The production of Chetavni is handled by BamBoyNaarRaakshas and Dr. Das. The album explores a glacial, minimalistic soundscape, relying on guttural basslines and scattered Indian samples to drive the songs forward and paying homage to the crew’s inspirations from the UK’s grime and dub scenes.

In 2019, Swadesi released The Warli Revolt, a collaborative piece with Adivasi tribal chieftain Prakash Bhoir that became an anthem for the Save Aarey movement. Tracks such as AatankBhoyKranti Haviand Khabardaar are also poised to become the same.

Watch the music video for the first single ‘Kranti Havi’ featuring Delhi Sultanate above. Also, you can stream the album below.

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