Mumbai’s Finest Teams Up With LotusCafe To Drop ‘Full Of Life’

You know it’s bound to be a good Friday when Mumbai’s Finest drop new music on it. This however is a little different from what they do usually. ‘Full of Life’ is soothing and is filled to the brim with optimism.

Mumbai's Finest Teams Up With LotusCafe To Drop 'Full Of Life'


Diefferent opens up the track with an English verse and summarizes that one should do what he wants to and towards the end everything will fall into place. Ace and Ninja share a verse and both of them drop bars in Hindi. Ace is known to be one of the better lyricists from the city and this verse just adds to the reasons why it is so. This track also allowed Nasty Ninja to expose his mellow side, he did something similar in ‘Kar jo sahi hai’ and his verse in this is as good as his solo track.

The track has been mixed and mastered by Rahul Parmar of VentaBlack studios who has done justice to the track. The track comes with a very simple but effective video which is shot in Ali Baug and captures the needed vibe of the track. The video is done by Romi Kahlon who has worked with Mumbai’s Finest on several videos.

Mumbai's Finest Teams Up With LotusCafe To Drop 'Full Of Life'

R.P.F. the producer of this track is a DJ and a music producer based in Mumbai. His style of music can best be described as a mix of Future bass and progressive house. He’s particularly known for reading the crowd during his sets and directing his music towards his audience while feeding off their energy. This track was an experiment he did with Mumbai’s Finest.

Lotus cafe is a vocalist, producer, singer-songwriter and lyricist from Mumbai. Her style of singing is hugely influenced by Heavy Metal and she primarily produces Drum And Bass and Future Bass. She likes experimenting with new and different genres and is now trying her hand at Indian Hip-Hop under the wings of the members of Mumbai’s Finest.

This is what Ace from MF told exclusively, “Although everyone from Mumbai’s Finest is now pursuing their individual goals, we will keep reminding everyone from time to time that we are still a crew. ‘Full of Life’ is a positive and feel good song and is kind of different from what we usually drop. We would like to thank every one involved in the project who helped make this project come to life.

Check out the track here: