Muhfaad’s “Diwala” Is Raftaar’s Diwali Jam

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Gaurav Pal aka Muhfaad is one of the promising artists we have in the Delhi hip-hop scene. As a matter of fact, on the auspicious day of Diwali, Muhfaad dropped the lyrical video for his brand new track “Happy Diwala”. In fact, this is the best present on the occasion of Diwali given by Muhfaad to all his fans.


A raw, hard-hitting track that is all set to set the roof on fire. Muhfaad goes in on the verses he drops and this song was no different. It got straight up dope punchlines, amazing flow, and delivery and he keeps em coming one after the other. It takes skill to do this and Muhfaad has proved once more that he is no stranger to the rap game.

On the other hand, people are saying that “Happy Diwala” is a reply to Raga’s diss which he did in his last release. It may be cause of the way he pointed out the team he used to work with in this line – “3 tigada maine kam bigada, Teen mein se 1 gaya ab launde bache 2”. The track has heated up the scene once again and we are looking forward to seeing more music and tracks like this.

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Significant lyrics from the track

“Nash kia satya se, bana satyanashi,

Hawa mein hai trip, meri batein uttarkashi,

Pyaar mein nasha, tera overdose hua,

Mar jaye na tu isilie, deta nahi shabashi.”

In context with “Happy Diwala”, Muhfaad mentioned,“People know that cracker is banned in Delhi/NCR but this cracker called “Happy Diwala” is going to burn the asses of many people.”

Raftaar couldn’t resist himself from sharing the track. He too shared the track on his Facebook page –

Click Here To Watch “Happy Diwala”  By Muhfaad –