MTBK Voted As the Collab of the Year on Facebook

A few weeks ago, on Desi Hip Hop’s official facebook page, we asked the #DHHFAM to drop comments on the dopest collaborations of 2017.

As people started commenting on their favorites, we started to get an overwhelming response from fans who loved Repeat by BEG x KKG and MTBK by Lazarus x Bohemia.

Repeat was an official Desi Hip Hop single by two of the most respected multi-lingual crews BEG (Black Eye Galaxy) and KKG (Kala Kurta Gang). Black Eye Galaxy members Guru Lahori, Rush Toor and Mohan Singh have gone shoulder to shoulder with Kala Kurta Gang members Sikander Kahlon, Rob C and Sady Immortal in this one of a kind collaboration. Listen to Repeat right here -> REPEAT

MTBK, on the other hand, was a collab between two of the most popular artists in the Desi Hip Hop scene – Bohemia with Lazarus. The two got together in this one-of-a-kind single and murdered the beat with their own unique styles. It only makes sense why fans voted for this one.

#DHHFAM’s Votes for their favorite collabs

Fans from all over the world voted for a number of dope collabs throughout the year. However, it seemed like MTBK & Repeat were the two tracks that got most of the votes.


The Facebook Poll After All the Comments We Recieved

So we picked out these 2 singles, and did a secondary Facebook poll on it.

Here are the results of the votes from all corners of the globe by the #DHHFAM worldwide.

So what do YOU think? Do you agree with these vote results? Are there other collaborations that are worth the mention? Drop your comments and we’ll take it from there 😉