MC Stan Drops New Music Video “Amin” from his ‘Tadipaar’ Project


Over 2020, MC STAN has been working on a special audio-visual project Tadipaar, and on Dec. 16 he released the fifth music video ‘Amin’. It is a semi-autobiographical and starts as a conversation between the Pune-born rapper and his mother. Written at a time when guilt kept him up at night, ‘Amin’ is one of the most personal songs that MC STAN has written to date.

“Agar mere koi bhi dusra gaane nahi sunne ka hai toh mat suno, but yeh haan zaroor suno. Yeh gaana aapke liye aur mere liye acchaa rahega,” says MC STAN about ‘Amin’ in his signature style.


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Tadipaar is a story told through six songs and six videos of MC STAN’s life in Pune. It captures his experiences with the police, fame and infamy, and what led to his ‘exile’ from Pune to Mumbai – the final act of Tadipaar. It serves as a showcase for MC STAN’s versatility as a rapper and producer, that isn’t tethered to genre classifications or trends. Previously released songs from the project include ‘Hosh mai aa’, ‘Ek din pyaar’, ‘307’and ‘Numberkari’ – all of which have been viewed millions of times on YouTube by fans.

Check out the music video for “Amin” below.

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