MC Solomon & Shaikhspeare drops “Bombay To London” Music Video

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MC Solomon from UK unites with Bombay’s very own Shaikhspeare to drop visuals for “Bombay To London”. The energetic hype track serves as the title track for their upcoming collaboration EP “Bombay To London”.

The beat for the track is produced by Asia Minor. It samples female vocals in the hook with the trap elements which makes the perfect combination of urban with classic desi sound. The track was recorded at Analogue Sounds Ltd.

“Straight from the streets out of London, Man of mine bring down the thunder, Banging a big drum for Asia, Zoned out stuck in a dub beat Jamaica, Poles out get in the dancers Malaysia, Thugs out get all the guns out of cages, Night train head to the south Bombay lokal real recognise the real over the jokers”, MC Solomon kicks off his verse.

“Straight from the streets outta Bombay, I make it rain call me “Tansen”, Resonate in your brain like “Om”, every word that I write in the poems”, Shaikhspeare kicks in straight with bars.

This is the first ever recorded release in history of a UK Hip Hop artist and Bombay Hip Hop artist collaborating together in India on an international project.

MC Solomon is from London, UK and has played with the likes of Dead Prez, Lowkey, Mic Righteous, Skinnyman , Lewis Parker and many more. He began touring the Europe festival scene 10 years back, headlining Club Dada Stage Glastonbury from 2010-2013. Solomon has his own band currently known as “True World Order” and recently completed an EP called “Still Running” with SONY ATV producer Rymez. He Toured India, Cambodia and Vietnam in 2017.

Shaikhspeare who is Founder of one of the most influential Hip Hip crews from India known as Bombay Lokal, based in Nalasopora Bombay. Also, He appeared in the movie Gully Boy released earlier this year, starring alongside by Ranveer Singh. He has also recently released an album called Shaikh Them via Desi Hip Hop.

The EP drops on Feb 1, 2020, you can pre-order it right now, here.