MC Shaq’s Latest Series Hits the Bangladesh Market

This Eid MC Shaq (aka J-Doc), one of Bangladesh’s most experienced rappers & producers, released his album Desh Project Vol 2: Mohakaal through Bangladesh’s prime record label G Series. The album, just like Desh Project Vol 1, features an array of artists from various parts of the world including Bangladesh, India and the U.S.

 Mr J-Doc also provided us with an exclusive single from the album, which can only be found right here on! So grab this single – ‘Naater Guru – Xplosive Ft J-Doc’ (Right Click > Save Target As…).

[wp_media media=”audio” title=”Naater Guru” artist=”Xplosive Ft J-Doc” volume=0.8 start=”on” urls=”″]

J-Doc says, “This album is all about versatility. This time it has reggae-ton, alternative rock and electro hop in addition to the hip hop classics. The combination epic and is much hotter this time.” And when we asked him about the collaborations in the album, he mentioned, ” This volume has a package of good talented artists who were not on the previous volume; except Shugga Shane from Crown Fam who I had to choose because our previous number, Sin City, rocked the last volume on an international level.”


Deshi Project Vol 2 : Mohakaal is available in all music stores all over Bangladesh, or online at

The album truly promises to bring some Hip-Hop Heat into Bangladesh and the region, specially since it includes artists from a wide array of locations in the world. MC Shaq concluded by saying, “Deshi Hip-Hop most definitely will keep

growing bigger and get better if it’s on the right hands, there is no doubt in my mind, it will. We have overcome so much in the past few years, I’m much assured it will reach the international industry soon. This depends totally on the hands of real professional and skilled musicians. Also much more financial support and media support by sponsors and record labels are required, in my opinion. I believe the artists that work in Desh Project Volumes are potential musicians who can bring attention from their music and together we can keep our DP family united and Deshi Hip Hop in five years will be all around the globe. Let’s all hope for the best.”