MC Kode Retains “Clan Leader” Title At B3 India AOW2


B3 India as a battle rap league doesn’t have just one champion. It has two. The Grandmaster (soon to be crowned) and the Clan Leader. The Clan Leaders are the only ones who can challenge the grandmaster to attain their title.

Contender – Rapture

Rapture, the underdog of the Bombay battle scene, has had a reputation where battle rap is concerned. Being undermined for his lack of skill, he has time and again proven the naysayers wrong and with every battle victory as a medal on his chest. He packs heat when he battles and has proven that he is nobody to meddle with, with the way he writes his punches and delivers them. His quick wit is another feather in his cap far as his battle career is concerned. He has battled MC’s like Soul Midwest and 1AM and has clearly made his mark in the Bombay battle scene and also in B3.

A while back, B3 conducted a wildcard entry battle for people that want to run for the “clan leader” title. The event was called B3 Battle Ground, where MC’s from all over bombay gathered in Dharavi at the After School of Hip-Hop and participated in a freestyle battle for a chance at the title.

Rapture with his agility as a battler took the battlers down easy and now is ready for the title shot against the current Clean Leader title holder, KODE.

Clan Leader – Kode

Kode, the battle veteran and founding member of Delhi’s battle league Spit Dope Inc., is a battle MC like no other. With a unique skillset and power packed performance mixed with Punches and well crafter metaphors, has made sure that no MC stands against him and challenges his caliber as a battle MC. Kode has a clean record of kills in his battle Rap career so far. His last battle at B3 Art Of War (1st edition) against Infamous is a good example of how good of a showman and a battle rapper Kode is.

Reference to his previous battles at his home grown league Spit Dope, the MC stands out whenever he takes the stage. Known for his aggressive stance, Kode has always made sure that he is not taken for granted as a battle MC.


At AOW2, the battle which took place and went on to be the highlight of the event was this match. The crowd went crazy as these two beasts went bar for bar against each other. The judges were perplexed with what went down and finally made their decision. By a tiny notch, Kode stood the test of the battle and retained his title to be the Clan Leader. The title remains in Delhi for now until the next competitor will be chosen. Videos coming soon via DesiHipHop channel and B3 India. Until then, enjoy the previous matchup for the clan leader!