MC Kaur Represents For Goa With Soulful Verses On “Locality”!

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MC Kaur is a self-trained veteran of Indian Hip-Hop. She has written some of the best lyrically complex verses that the scene has heard in recent years. There is no doubt that, as a musician, MC Kaur is reaching for the upper echelon of artistic creativity. Her recent albums have defined this factor and set herself as far apart from mainstream/modern sounds as possible.

MC Kaur that we hear in her latest offering – “Locality” – is an artiste reborn. The style is tight, the flow is beautiful and the lyrics are fresh. This is an exemplary track that has a unique and abstract meaning. “Locality” speaks to a human beings inner and outer environment. The mind manifests the locality. And MC Kaur paints a picture of her locality – Oxel Village, Goa.

Reality Rap

The song depicts a picture of dichotomy between the local ambiance. The people are peaceful but there are differences even between them. Ruled over by the wrong people, MC Kaur reflects a mirror to society. The song speaks of dreams, ambitions, consumerism, politics, and the overall human condition of the people in her vicinity. This is a song of many words and much more substance. There are a few emcees that paint a picture like this.

The music video is perfectly shot and edited by Secret Stuff. They have depicted the world we live in from the point of view of both MC Kaur and the villagers efficiently. Graffiti veteran & French MC from Montpellier, Mister Colfer also tagged her name on the walls as seen in the video! These stunning visuals make you wanna rewind and replay the song to get its actual depth. Watch MC Kaur – “Locality” down below and give the beautiful video a like and a share!