MC Heam’s “Ek Tha Rapper” Is Top 5 Best Music Videos In 2019!

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MC Heam is criminally underrated. One of the pioneers of Hindi Rap, a true OG to the scene, Heam has uplifted and nurtured a community not just in the Delhi Hip-Hop scene, but continues to do so in Mumbai to this day.

As an emcee involved in growing the community, he knows the importance of the quality, presentation and authenticity of his material. “Ek Tha Rapper” was an unreleased song formerly titled “FreeFlow”. Produced by none other than the Indian Hip-Hop super-producer HHB.

heam kalyug 3

The song was already completed in 2015, and has been a long time coming. Apart from performing the track at a few venues and events, Heam has kept the track under wraps for the past 3 years. But good things come to those who wait, and the video for “Ek Tha Rapper” is easily one of the best videos coming from the underground this year.

Free Flow

Heam effortlessly spits bar after bar twisting and mending his flows and kicking knowledge at the same time. The song speaks volumes of the skill sets of this true blue emcee. Words are his weapons and he is an expert marksman. HHB has produced a classic Boombap beat, adding the right flavor and sound to the beat and this accentuates the vibes of the track.

Tamu Studio has contributed highly in terms of the execution of the video. Mad shots, beautiful color and trippy graphics- this music video is a visual treat! Big ups to MC Heam and the whole team dropping knowledge in style. We await further music and videos from the artist!

Watch “Ek Tha Rapper” by MC Heam down below and share this everywhere! Let em know the new wave is here to stay!