MC Heam Spills The Bean On The Making Of Kaliyug!

MC Heam has dropped a video describing the process of making his upcoming music video Kaliyug. Audience will get an interesting insight about his next project. In this video, Heam has talked about the history of this song as well as what awaits in the near future.

heam kalyug 1

The emcee starts off by reminiscing the old days where lyricism in rap was the biggest thing. Since rappers couldn’t afford to spend on recording or making videos, they put all their efforts to be the lyrical genius of the scene. Cloud Rap is something MC Heam brought to India, which he says is an unfamiliar term for the masses.

Kaliyug is a track off of his mixtape, Vedastra, released in 2011. In this, he explains how the prediction made by Lord Ram about the arrival of Kaliyug inspired him to write his own experience living in this day and age. Heam gives ode to the emcees that started with him back in 2008 where lyricism was given utmost importance.

heam kalyug 2

Heam drew inspiration from Holy scriptures like Ramayana and Mahabharata and poured it all into his track, Ram Ka Kaliyug. He takes a trip down memory lane recalling the making of this music video. He stated, “I got a call from RAT saying they loved my track and wanted to make a video. So, I reached Mumbai thinking this will be like all hip hop videos I’ll just have to lip sync my lyrics with some hand gestures. But after reaching here it turned out to be the most difficult thing I have shot.

heam kalyug 3

I was given very old fashioned clothes and my whole look was very different. I was camera conscious as this was my first proper music video shoot. This is very different from all the music videos that have come out of Indian hip hop. I had lot of fun shooting it, I personally like the track a lot. The video is made exactly according to the vibe of the track,” he added.

He further added that his future music will see a lot of diversity as he evolves more as an artist. Heam doesn’t want to stick to the 808 and bass theme that is going on currently. To learn every day and do things differently is his goal. Heam promises a streak of 6 to 7 music videos releasing back to back this year.

Music video of Kaliyug releases on July 16th. Till then, get the inside scoop of its making and much more here: