MC Heam Brings A Soulful & Heartfelt Message Through Latest Release “4:20”!

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MC Heam is one of the pioneers of Indian Hip-Hop and Hindi Rap to be specific. For a long time he has been dormant. The wave of new music he has built up in that time is just now hitting the open world. And his latest release “4:20” stands as a fresh new setting to the picture he is painting.

Exploring Peace

Throughout the track MC Heam highlights his struggle with state of mind. There is also a ton of introspection done here to reach this level of emotion and thought. The song makes it a point to leave a lesson behind. One which touches each and every listener as they progress on the track. Heam is no stranger to the emotion of the artists in need of a vent. This song is a compilation of those emotions. It is a vent for the hardships.

heam kalyug 3

The video has been shot in Nepal and created by Tamu Studios. The track is also produced by Bombay based producer HAR MAN. The song gives out MC Heams meaning of peace. Inner peace which also comes from a place of truth and love. We look forward to hearing more of whats in store from MC Heam. Meanwhile this is the jam to vibe to!

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