MC Heam Is The Best Thing About MTV Hustle

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As an artist, we see different sides and phases of the industry. Indian Hip-Hop has come way too far from its grassroots to a monetized community. The community here stands at an unfair situation (depending on who you ask) – this is a time when mass media (due to lack of research, time investment and easy availability of a bunch of rappers) has overlooked important pillars of Indian Hip-Hop.

MC Heam is an Indian Hip-Hop veteran. He is a pioneer of an intensely unique Hindi Rap style and he represents that to the core of his art to this day. It is about time we all took a closer look into the musicality and skill sets of the artists around us. How deep truly is their knowledge? Are we all falling for the hype machine time and again?

The Second Coming Of MC Heam

MC Heam used to make hindi tracks and put out music videos for the same since way back in 2010. A time when the scene was still in pockets around the country, Heam was already performing for Team Backpack Cyphers, other events and pushing the culture forward.

Like a thousand great artists, Heam has been pushed to the back of the bus due to the lack of hype or help behind him – but that does not take away from his artistic mindset and abilities one bit. Cut to 2019, Heam is setting himself apart from every contestant on the controversial MTV Hustle – on national television. He is taking what he knows he deserves and he is paying no mind to his critics. Incidentally the critics include the shows critics who feel like the show may not produce or portray Hip-Hop in the way it should be portrayed.

But if MC Heam comes out as the winner – that will be the best thing not just for Heam, but to the industry itself. We wish MC Heam all the best and more power to push through to win.