MC Altaf Puts Dharavi On The Map With Code Mumbai 17

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Mumbai’s hottest destination for hip hop has gotten a new benchmark in terms of the quality music flowing in from there. Dharavi rappers have been killing it in the cinema industry as well as on an underground level, keeping a steady release of music videos coming in for the fans from different crews. Only one man stands on his own, but not alone – MC Altaf.

The young rapper celebrated his birthday and released his latest hit ‘Code Mumbai 17’ on June 28th. This old school banger is sure to energise you and fill you with a sense of pride for one’s neighbourhood. Artists from Dharavi have always been pretty vocal about how different their area is. It is what makes their musical journey so special and unique.

‘Code Mumbai 17’ is no less than an anthem if you look at it. In his own quirky way Altaf explains to the listener what leading life in his hood has taught him and how it has prepared him to face any challenges in life. That even though from the outside their life might not look flashy, if they get down to grind there’s no stopping what they can accomplish.

DRJ Sohail has made the old school beat and Dropout Media executed the video. Altaf’s journey sends an inspiring message to all up and coming rappers, that consistency is the biggest strength for an artist in this digital day and age. 2019 has witnessed countless hits from Altaf’s end such as ‘Jeetna Hai’, ‘Wazan Hai’, ‘Chotte Sunn’ and ‘Jhol Jhal’.

Much like his previous drops, MC Altaf’s latest music video is jam packed with cameos by familiar faces from Dharavi. Members of 7 bantaiz, Dopeadelicz and 5 DogZ can be seen in the video cheering their boy on. This music video is a whole vibe, bringing it back to the 90s. We’re excited to hear more from Altaf, till then catch his brand new video!

Watch ‘Code Mumbai 17’ by MC Altaf here –