Don’t Miss Ranveer Singh’s Special Appearance In MC Altaf’s “Wassup!” ft. Jay Kila

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Mumbai based emcee Altaf Shaikh has dropped visuals for his well known song “Wassup!”. The track features American Indian rapper Jay Kila as a guest verse and sees the members of Dharavi United in the video. The best part is surely the surprise appearance by none other than actor Ranveer Singh!

“Wassup!” is the type of track that gets the audience on their feet, chanting the chorus each time Altaf hits the stage. After the shoot of Gully Boy, Ranveer and Altaf made quite a rapport. Ranveer was an avid listener of Altaf’s unreleased track and had encouraged him to go on with putting it out soon.

Video for “Wassup!” is directed by Bhumesh Das and produced by Wicked Broz. Udayan Dharmadhikari has produced the music for the track. Some of the familiar faces from Dharavi United starring in the video are Stony Psycho, David Klyton and Yoku Big. All three of whom are killing it down South with appearances in big scale movies including Bollywood.

Its quite refreshing to see Ranveer Singh supporting local artists in any way possible. Gully Boy releases on Valentine’s Day 2019 and the excitement is going up and up! Till then watch “Wassup!” by MC Altaf and Jay Kila below.