This Marathi Rap Cypher Is Off The Hook!


Hip-Hop is truly taking over the world and South Asia is no different. Furthermore, the beauty about our region is the pool of different languages we have. This new Marathi rap cypher videelo reased only few hours ago is taking Internet by storm.

Known as ‘Marathi Hip-Hop’, this group of youngsters are spitting fire verses back to back. Along with a really talented beatboxer named Rockz. The cypher has 5 emcees all rapping in their Maharashtrian language.

This Marathi Rap Cypher Is Off The Hook!

MC Vinashak, MC Azad, Augustin RhythmaticZ, Axs and Yug RhythmaticZ respectively took turns in the cypher and delivered impeccable verses. It is certainly amazing to see new faces join the rap game.

Marathi rappers are slowly budding in the scene right now. MC Mawali from Swadesi and Asura AKA EMF from Elsewhere are few names among them. However, cyphers like these where there are so many Marathi rappers going at it together is certainly refreshing to see.

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