Too Many Shots Were Taken By Gari B And Friends At Antisocial

Tadpatri Talkies unveiled their upcoming Gari B album at Antisocial in Mumbai. Lot of familiar faces showed up at the venue to support them. Performing along with 3 other bands that night was the headline event of the night – Gari B and Friends. What followed was an hour full of applause and laughter.

gari b and friends 2

Siddharth Raveendran aka Gari B and his partner in crime Anmol Gawand aka EMF graced the stage performing back to back fresh tracks off their new album. Some of them named ‘Scooty Wali Ladki’, ‘Aankh Band Tapli’, ‘Fukat Wala Swag’ and ‘Fuck Gari B’. No one was spared that night, not even Gari B’s own friends.

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Some of the names that received subliminal shots included rappers Divine and Naezy, whose styles are mimicked by this comic act in lot of their songs. Guest performers Poetik Justis and Kav-E also had to face jokes being cracked on them before performance. Hell, not even slam poets were left out by this duo.

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As an outsider looking in, Gari B’s performance for the night was entertaining to the core. Proper hosts to announce each track, special guest performers and props to enhance the act, everything was done very professionally. However for people in the hip hop community, things could get pretty awkward if you or someone you know is the centre of the joke. Not if taken in good spirit!

gari b and friends 4

gari b and friends 5

Poetik Justis performed his hit track Bhaari Scene while Kav-E performed his recent drop Bebdo. Both the emcees killed the time slot given to them, adding great value to the whole set. Highlight of the night was the track that launched Gari B’s channel – Gari B Ki Kahani. Audience crooned the lyrics as this track is quite a hit with the masses. Producers Shinji and HHB worked on the beats for the Gari B album which drops sooner than you think.

Watch the video for Gari B Ki Kahani to know what they are all about –