Manpreet Singh Can Never Become Bohemia But He Surely Can Draw One!

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Manpreet Singh

The art of Graffiti has always been a part of hip-hop. In fact, Graffiti is more than just pictures drawn over walls or sketches on a paper. Manpreet Singh from Bhopal holds the knowledge of the same art. However, Manpreet Singh is more into sketches. Manpreet claims that he has always been around good music. Hip-Hop, for an instance, is his favourite.

When we asked about how hip-hop stepped into his life, Manpreet had a valid answer. “The first time that  I ever heard of hip-hop was in 2004. I was in 8th standard, I guess. The track was “Life Goes On” by Tupac from his album All Eyez On Me and since then hip-hop/rap never left me.” he said. In addition, the impact of hip-hop on his life is predictable.

“Hip-hop came in as an obsession. It gradually increased through its history, scenes, the revolution. I came to know about old, classic and new-school hip-hop songs. Hip-hop has always been on my mind, every minute and every second. Though, I never thought of becoming a recording artist. All I started doing was to imitate the style and fashion. I think hip-hop has given the world a new kind of inspirational music. It has always provided me support and inspiration whenever I hear them. The affection is still there and I think I’m gonna die listening to hip-hop,” Manpreet said.


Manpreet’s sketches are signed under MSK Arts. As you can see from the above picture, his skills are a mixture of his vision and control. When we asked him about his journey with sketching, Manpreet said “I started sketching when I was in 6th grade and since then I have never left it. It is now a daily routine that I have to follow. Regular practice and dedication made me pretty good at it and the main part is drawing hip-hop and music artists from all over the globe. I draw what I feel like as it comes from within and that is why I draw what i am into, that is hip-hop and music, in general.”

Coming back to the Bohemia part, like a majority of desi hip-hop fans, Manpreet is also a Kali Denali Music fan. He has been sketching artists from all of the genres but no one can deny that the sketches of J. Hind, Bohemia and Haji Springer are magnificent.

They say “Honesty is the best policy”. Manpreet Singh kept it real when asked about his opinions on Kali Denali Music and Bohemians. “KDM is like a brigade that is representing DHH globally just like primarily. On the other hand, they should not be considered as the owner or the only driving force behind the genre.” he said.

Klai Denali Music-Manpreet Singh Image

Manpreet holds a bright future because of his work and social skills. There are a lot of people who want to become something but don’t or can’t invest time in it. In addition, we’d like to see Manpreet touching heights of fame and success. What do you think of the story? Let us know. Viva La Hip-Hop!