Manjit Stars in Diddy’s ‘Luck Be A Lady’ Ciroc Short Film

By: Zaynah Rashid

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is an extravagant Hip-Hop mogul with impeccable taste; for Ciroc Vodka’s latest commercial, Ciroc Ultra Premium presents a short film titled Luck be a Lady. The clip is packed with many familiar and sexy faces and if you take a closer look, you’ll recognize Desi girl Manjit!

Born in England and now living in New York, Manjit is a singer, songwriter, and model. Working on her music as the moment, Manjit spared time for Diddy to make a cameo appearance in Luck be a Lady. “I’ve known Puff (Diddy) through mutual friends for about 12 years and for the advert they wanted someone who was in music to play a DJ instead of just a model,” Manjit tells us. “James Cruz (Diddy’s manager) thought of me and Puff agreed so they called me up the night before! 8 hours later I was on a plane to Las Vegas from New York,” so the tale goes as to how Manjit was given this opportunity.

Manjit is a stunner is her sparkly gold dress and owning the turntables. She is currently working on her EP Ocean and a Curse, which is co-produced by Chris Sholar. We look forward to seeing and hearing more from Manjit in 2012!