Mandeep Sethi’s ‘Rumble in London’


Part one to Mandeep Sethi‘s mini documentary, Rumble In London has been released.

Mandeep Sethi headed to London to perform at a variety of shows, including the London underground itself. Mandeep showcased his skills as a rapper and had fun with every freestyle as he usually does.

In this episode of Rumble in London, we take a look into what got Seti X into rapping and the conversation moves on to what he raps about today.  With a special performance with a Dhadi Jatha at the Nishaan Collaborations Variety show in central London, the slumgod destroys the stage with his flow and pre scene.

Inkquisitive Illustration was also on hand to deliver a custom piece to Sethi X himself as well as do a live art piece as a part of the show.