Mandeep Sethi – Unfilmed Fantasia

Mandeep Sethi is back with a Hip-Hop classic straight from the motherland, “Unfilmed Fantasia”, off his upcoming mixtape “Ajna Chakra”. Embodying the essence of Hip-Hop laced with ruthless pride in his roots, Desi Hip-Hop artist Mandeep Sethi  is the guiding light for bridging the cultural & spiritual gap for South Asian youth globally.  “Unfilmed Fantasia” takes us on an intellectual journey from the streets of Punjab to the Khalsa beautifully produced by Mahamudra Collective.  Try and keep up with the raw knowledge being dropped by Mandeep Sethi.  Big shout out to everyone involved on this project!

Direction.Shot.Cut: Rahat Mahajan
Light Painting: Alexandre Dupeyron
Produced by: Mahamudra Collective
Instrumental: X9 for Xitanos Matematikos