Mandeep Sethi – Ajna Chakra

Mandeep Sethi releases his latest mixtape, “Ajna Chakra”, a culmination of his travels and experiences around the world, bringing together a global collaborative force of the dopest musicians & artists from New Delhi to New York.    Representing SlumGods and the SF Zulu Nation, Mandeep is one of those rare breed of emcee’s who doesn’t let the veil of  Maya hold him back.  Maya, a Sanskrit term usually quoted as “illusion”, is centered on the fact that we do not experience the environment itself but rather a projection of it, created by us.

Cutting right through this veil, Mandeep shines a little light on the deeper meaning and purpose of this mixtape, ” ‘Ajna Chakra’ is the third eye that opens when the world ends and we need to look inside ourselves rather than look for more material possessions. Things like the privatization of natural resources and corporations are short-term things that are robbing people of livelihood and land. It needs to stop and for that, we need to look inward”.

Enough said, now time to download, listen & share “Ajna Chakra”.