Malaysian Female Emcee Nicki Ziee Stands With Rally4Rivers To Save Mother Earth


Nicki Ziee is a rapper from Malaysia currently residing in Chennai. As a matter of fact, she is one of the very few female rappers in the country and is open to diverse styles. Nicki Ziee G got her influence from artists like Missy Elliot, Georgie and Lauryn Hill, which gave her the art of sensing the heartbeat of the crowd. Now that she has found the sound of her music, she is set to release her album by the end of this year. In fact, Nicki has collaborated with some leading artists in the Indian hip-hop circuit.

Recently, she did an amazing track in association with “Rally4Rivers” to educate the masses. As a matter of fact, Jeffrey Jonathan, a music producer from Chennai got her on the project. He produced the track and was the D.O.P. as well. Mathan Mohan has shot the visuals for the track.

Malaysian Female Emcee Nicki Ziee

Nicki Ziee G further added –

“Rally4Rivers is being run by the Isha foundation to create awareness that Our Rivers Are DYING. This campaign is held to put out the message to the public that ‘No One Can Save You But You’. Save Mumma Earth (mother earth), act now. We need to hold hand in hand and do what it takes. This is our home. Earth! We ‘human race’ are a family. We need to clean up our mess.” 

Significant lyrics from the track

“Falling back the on breeze,The air that we breath,Taking a ride, Cause its free?

The children of the earth, Is this what she deserve? Why litter garbage and pollute the streams,

Can’t you hear her scream? She bleed her from within,

Wake up wake up, Ayo, this isn’t a dream.”

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