This Mahalaya, Uposonghar Noy Is Next After Mahisasuramardini


A tradition that has been passed down since generations in Kolkata will see a new phase this year. Streetfood Music from Kolkata is all set to make this Mahalaya special with their album “Uposonghar Noy (Infirmus)”. Now for those who don’t know what Mahalaya is or what Mahisasuramardini stands for, it’s gonna get interesting!

“Nothing is more holy than the sins of God.” – Streetfood Music 


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Mahalaya marks the beginning of the auspicious Durga Puja which is a larger than life festival Bengalis celebrate. Mahisasuramardini, on the other hand, is an All India Radio program that has been airing every year on Mahalaya since 1931. Bengalis around Kolkata wake up at dawn, 4 AM to be precise, and begin their day by tuning into the radio to hear Mahisasuramardini.

This Mahalaya, Uposonghar Noy Is Next After Mahisasuramardini

Such a beautiful day marks utmost significance for the release of Kolkata Hip-Hop scene’s best album till date. That’s right, is exclusively distributing “Uposonghar Noy (Infirmus)” by Streetfood Music set to release on September 19th, 2017. Cizzy and Joe have poured their heart and soul into making this album and this Mahalaya, “Uposonghar Noy will be played next after Mahisasuramardini! Much like their tagline, Mahisasuramardini is also full of stories of the sins of Gods.

“Uposonghar Noy (Infirmus)” is an album comprising of 8 tracks, each one better than the previous. The whole album has been made by Cizzy and Joe from the scratch including the production, writing, composing, mixing etc. A beautiful abstract music video for one of the tracks also awaits the audience. Trust us when we say this, you haven’t heard anything like this from the Desi rap scene before!

Uposanghor Noy (Infirmus) tracklistUposonghar Noy (Infirmus) Tracklist 

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“Uposonghar Noy” means ‘inconclusive’ while “Infirmus” is Latin for the same. When asked about the reason behind choosing this as album name, Cizzy mentioned, “Uposonghar means ‘Moral of the story’ and Noy means either ‘9 (nine)’ or ‘Not’. We have 8 tracks in the album, the 9th song was supposed to be the moral of the story, which is absent, hence ‘Uposonghar Noy’.” There’s a deeper meaning to just the album name, imagine what content it holds!

The vibe of “Uposonghar Noy (Infirmus)” is rich and vibrant, filling up the listener with awe and admiration. Streetfood Music has been working on this joint since January of 2017. Finally their hard work will bear fruits on Mahalaya. Stay tuned with for exclusive updates on the track.