When Mafia Mundeer Was Underground | Raftaar, Yo! Yo! Honey Singh, Badshah, Lil Golu, Ikka

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Mafia Mundeer, if not the oldest, is one of the most popular crews of this decade. A group initially of five artists who had a dream of ruling the charts started off and delivered hits from day one. Now critically acclaimed artists were once hustling their way through to earn themselves a lifestyle. Yo! Yo! Honey Singh, Raftaar, Badshah, Ikka & Lil’ Golu were all working together at a point of time before splitting up to build their solo careers. We’re taking you on a trip down the memory lane to revisit the classics that Mafia Mundeer has once delivered. Without any further ado, let’s go right into it.


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1. Peshi – Yo! Yo! Honey Singh

This is arguably Honey Singh’s oldest track on the internet. YYHS is now a prominent name but he has been dropping hits from his underground days. Last time Honey was seen was in a Punjabi film Zorawar which failed to make any major impact in the Punjabi Film Industry. He must have had a lot of time to introspect his actions and might have wanted to make up for some of them. In the meantime a few people are still pissed off with Honey Singh’s ancestral work and still take shots at him. Regardless of whatever you say, this track cemented him in the business and that’s where it all started to take-off.

Watch the music video of “Peshi” by Yo! Yo! here –

2. Main Aa Gaya – Badshah

Badshah is surely a very big name now and he is definitely living like a king. But people who don’t follow underground hip-hop might not have heard about this track. Before producing “Saturday Saturday”, Badshah never used to compromise on his pen game. There was lots of speculation about the music producer of this track. Fans and YouTube comments suggest that the beat is a Yo! Yo! Honey Singh production but there is no concrete evidence about it. Rapper Badshah spat “Naam mera Badshah, Patta nahi taash ka/ Mere bina Hindi rap mar jayega, bolo kya karogey phir tum iski laash ka?” and a lot of others lines on it. This track doesn’t sound like a developed version of hip-hop track and is perfect for old desi hip-hop vibe. If you want to jam on his earliest hip-hop track, go play “Soda Whiskey” here and hear him as Cool-Equal.

Stream the audio of Badshah’s “Main Aa Gaya” here –

3. Main – Raftaar

This was probably the sickest underground track by Raftaar before he went mainstream. There have always been debates on his professional relationship with Yo! Yo! Honey Singh but this track is an exception. The track was definitely produced by Yo! Yo! and in addition, he layered his vocals to support Raftaar’s verse and recorded the intro as well. “Main” was an anthem for the street guys back then as it was not gangsta but was perfect for carefree people and roadside romeos. “Sadkon pe khaali peeli firta main, College ke bahar jo ladta, main” is a perfect example. Rapper Raftaar represented the witty mentality of teenagers in this song. Mafia Mundeer has definitely released some unpleasant tracks (as a majority suggests) in the past but this was simply magnificent.

Stream the audio of Raftaar’s “Main” here –

4. Main Hoon Ikka – Ikka

Wait, let’s be honest. “Main Hoon Ikka” came out in 2012 when Ikka was not completely mainstream but was not underground anymore. JSL Singh is now a very renowned name in the industry but he was on the come up back then as well. In fact, JSL Singh and Ikka have been associated with each other from a very long time now but this track cemented their position forever. “Main Hoon Ikka” talks about Ikka’s achievements more than his failures and drops some light on his journey. Today, rapper Ikka is one of the best award-winning lyricists in the business when it comes to mainstream songs and this middle class boy has definitely  hustled his way through. “Main hoon Ikka , Mainu Kise di ni lorh/ Palle kakh ni kise de galla karde KARORH (Crore)” explains what was up.

Stream the audio of Ikka’s “Main Hoon Ikka” here –

5. Bum Bum Bholey – Lil Golu

If Lil Golu sounds like an unfamiliar name to you, we feel sorry for you all. Lil Golu has written uncountable songs for Yo! Yo! Honey Singh including “Blue Eyes”, “Stardom”, “One Thousand Miles” and several others. He was on “Stardom” and “Isey Kehte Hain Hip-Hop” with Yo! Yo! Singh as well. But “Bum Bum Bholey” has been circling the internet from years now. There is no record of when the track originally came out but whenever it did, Golu was hustling for fame. Phrases like “Rani mere sath maal phook phook le”, and “Chandan ye badan, mat kar tu jatan” were later used by Yo! Yo! in “Manali Trance”. Now, he is mainstream and his future projects are ground-breaking.

Stream the audio of Lil Golu’s “Bum Bum Bholey” here –