London Rapper Swami Baracus Drops “I Don’t Really Know Ya (Part 2)”


West London rapper Swami Baracus has returned with a stellar collaboration. “I Don’t Really Know Ya (Part 2)”showcases some of the finest talented rappers in the UK Hip-Hop scene. Undoubtedly, each of them has delivered a unique presence, flow and personality to this grimey Nutty P production!

Swami Baracus released Part 1 of the track last year. As a matter of fact, it’s music video was shot in New York City. He has added some musical muscle in the shape of ShaoDow, Nutty P, Genesis Elijah, Zuby and Abiade to create the sonically charged posse-cut “I Don’t Really Know Ya (Part 2)”!

London Rapper Swami Image

This is what SB had to say to DesiHipHop, “I’ve always been a fan of posse cuts, hearing your favourite MCs jumping on one song and all setting fire to the beat! So after releasing ‘I Don’t Really Know Ya’ last year, I knew immediately that this track needed a Part 2. I’m lucky enough to know and have worked with so many great artists. I was so humbled that they all came on board and brought their A-game. The end result takes the original to a whole new level!”

The official music video was shot in London, UK by Videlle Media and was premiered exclusively on Grime Daily! The single is available to purchase as a digital download across all online platforms, with the simultaneous release of the music video.

Watch the video for “I Don’t Really Know Ya (Part 2)” here –