Loka & D’Evil Link Up On “Shot Deke Gayab”!


Mumbai based emcees Loka and D’evil come from two different generation of Indian Hip-Hop. This fact becomes apparent as soon as both of them are placed on a track together. The styles are vivid, the flows are different but there is a sync like no other. This is what happens when you combine the best of both worlds.


“Shot Deke Gayab” is a testimony to the distinct songwriting skills of these two artists who have been finding and carving their paths through the scene. The two have collaborated earlier with MC Altaf on “Jhol Jhal” but this song brings a new, fresh outlook on their list of tracks.

Shot Deke Gayab

There’s a whole new wave of emcees budding up for being the next big thing in the scene and Loka is one of the front-runners in that scenario. There is a distinct mic presence in each track of his and he adjusts his flow according to the beat rather than letting the beat take control over flow. That’s a skill of a good emcee.

D’evil on the other hand has discovered his signature style. This is an emcee that is self aware of his capabilities on the mic and with the pen. That’s what sets him apart from literally every other emcee in the scene. He sticks to his strengths and does what he does best. A slow, paced flow with comedic, satirical and sometimes hardcore bars when he spits. Thats a style thats refreshing and isnt going to fade anytime soon!

As we await more music from Loka and D’evil – watch “Shot Deke Gayab”  by them on Youtube and share the track to support the movements!