Lil Sol

Sunny Sol Virani, better known as “SOL” was born on Jan 5, 1991 and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Sol is known for being a lyrical powerhouse and his metaphors are tricky but amazing. Sol grew up in the Eastbank projects in New Orleans. He is Indian and Pakistani, but grew up predominantly in the African American culture. Sol’s mother Farida Virani is Indian and his father Suleman Virani is Pakistani. Sol says “Growing up in New Orleans and being Indian makes me unique, and makes me who I am.” Growing up in New Orleans is also what made him an artist. Why?  Sol’s father had very close relations to many famous artists, ball players, and other celebrities. He grew up in the music world, but never had dreams of being a rapper. When Sol was 16 he listened to the “Money on My Mind” instrumental by Lil Wayne and says, “I was so bored I decided to write to it. He wrote two of the most legendary verses ever written by a kid his age and showed it to his father. His father made some phone calls and got him into the studio to record his first song ever. That was the beginning of his career as an artist by complete surprise and Sunny Virani then became Sol. Since then Sol has made music some mainstream artists, turned down offers from various record labels, and is dedicated to being independent.

Sol’s lyrics are very catchy, but at the same time very complex. Which means the first 10 times you listen to a song each time you’ll say, “He said that?” Sol only makes music about how he feels and tries his hardest not to go commercial. Now, Sol is a twenty one year old independent artist and CEO of The Elite Allegiance LLC Entertainment Company. All Sol want’s to do is resurrect real Hip Hop back and put some meaning back into the game. Growing up listening to Jay-z, Nas, Eminem, Tech N9ne, Kanye West, Outkast, and Biggie Smalls is what inspired him to make real music. Sol feels that there are only a few new artists in the game who stand out to him such as J.Cole, Yelawolf, Wax, and a few others. Sol is now dedicated to heading to the top with his company The Elite Allegiance and will be releasing his music in 2012.