‘A little late with Lilly Singh’ aka Superwoman Premiers

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‘A little late with Lilly Singh’ premier out with a bang! Lilly Singh aka Superwoman is ready become the first lady of Asian origin to take on the late-night talk show space with ‘A little late with Lilly Singh’. Mindy Kaling was announced as the first guest on the show. The series premiered today on Sept. 16 at 1:35 a.m after Late Night With Seth Meyers. and we must say that it premiered with a BANG!

This is serendipity at it’s best,  Lilly Singh’s late-night show will debut first on YouTube, the same platform what made her a worldwide sensation and helped her in earning nearly 15 million subscribers on the video platform. She is currently the only woman hosting a network late-night show and the second woman of color to host a network late-night show. It was Carson Daly’s exit from the Last Call made space for this show on NBC.

Her long time friend and collaborator, ‘Humble the Poet’ also showed his support over his Instagram.


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I remember all the bullshit @Lilly went through as she rose in the digital space; there were efforts to sabotage her from other creators, #Hollywood, and people in our own community. She started at the bottom, dealt with everyone’s bullshit with a smile, and worked through it. No one could take her work ethic away from her, and everyone that did help her realized very quickly that it never went in vain. Now, Lilly has jumped into a new space: Television, and it feels like déjà-Vous, only on a bigger scale. Hating ass hosts of other shows are telling celebs that if they do Lilly’s show they won’t be invited to theirs. Network red tape, old school mindsets, and politics suffocate creativity. And THE SEXISM AND DOUBLE STANDARDS ARE VERY REAL. ⁣ ⁣ At this scale, the list of bullshit is never-ending, but just like before, she’s facing it with her two greatest weapons, her amazing attitude, and her monstrous work ethic. This time, we can play a bigger part in helping to amplify the success of @latewithlilly. This show isn’t about Lilly, she could be doing other things that would feed her ambitions much more. Instead, she’s put everything on hold to grab a sledgehammer and smash through a few glass ceilings, amplifying the most underrepresented voices. THIS ISN’T ABOUT LILLY. This is about the little kids who look different, think different, love different, believe different and are made to feel more and more isolated and alienated by the media and politicians. Let’s do our part by tuning in on @nbc, then watching all the clips on @youtube, and sharing them with everyone. ⁣ ⁣ Let’s prove to the big networks that the space needs more than guys wearing suits telling dad jokes. This is a step in the right direction, and we can all play a part in increasing representation on the biggest platforms. Let’s all tune in tonight, and celebrate this historic moment, and then let’s keep tuning in, and keep sharing because when minority voices band together, they ain’t a minority no more. #BLESS #herstory #alittlelatewithlillysingh

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Lilly Singh is a very well known Canadian YouTube Star and is one of the world’s most successful digital creatives and entrepreneurs. In less than a decade she has her own production company (Unicorn Island Productions),is a New York Times bestselling author (”How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life”) . If you are someone who needs statistics then we hope the following do you justice, she has 14 million YouTube subscribers, 8.3 million Instagram followers and 5.7 million Twitter fans along the way.