Lazarus Joins Hip-Hop Royalty Wu Tang Clan, De La Soul, Public Enemy & DJ Premier On “Gods Of Rap” Tour!

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It has been the dream of many South Asian HipHop artists to collaborate and make music with their idols. Detroit based Desi emcee Lazarus is not only living that dream, he is representing it on a whole new level. From collaborations with big industry names to representing his people, Lazarus has seen it all and done it all, but the world is never enough for this ferocious emcee. An honorary Wu Tang Clan member – Lazarus has now risen to the peak point of his legacy.

He has officially announced that he will be joining Hip-Hop icons like Wu Tang Clan, Eric B & Rakim, De La Soul, Public Enemy and DJ Premier on the Gods Of Rap Tour happening this year. This is a big step farther than almost 90% of Desi emcees worldwide. This is a dream come true. Lazarus is the embodiment of that dream.

Gods Of Rap

A South Asian certified and practicing doctor, who had big dreams to chase and never gave up on the grind. This emcee lives and breathes the ideal that “hard work pays off”. The fact that Lazarus is able to juggle both his lives is, for lack of a better word – an anomaly. Technically, an emcee like this shouldn’t exist – but he has proven time and again that he has what it takes, and will go the distance to break barriers for Desi’s in Hip Hop. This is a proud moment for the global Desi Hip Hop community and DHH wishes him all the best for the tour! L’s Up! #LazArmy