Lazarus grabbed worldwide attention with 1 song!

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Every time an artist takes a huge step forward, the entire Hip Hop movement advances forward.

Lazarus – THE ‘man on a mission’ – took an enormous step last week when he dropped his solo music video for “Man On a Mission”.  And the impact from that single is making its rounds all over the internet.




With this hard hitting solo song like this, Lazarus made sure to make his stamp with it. He showcased his “double-life” as a doctor and a rapper.

When asked about his double life, Lazarus went on to mention, “I wanted to put my present day life in the record. I feel it important for music to showcase what you do on a daily basis. This is my hustle and this is what my lifestyle is. Nothing fabricated. This is what Hip Hop means to me. Companies have always told me to hide this or that about myself, and I wanted to do just the opposite and that is to proudly represent those things in this video.”


Lazarus grabbed Worldwide Attention with ‘Man on a Mission’

The attention that the music video for ‘Man on a Mission’ received has been sky rocketing since the day the song dropped. In five days, the music video sits at almost 350,000 views so far with a slew of comments and tweets and posts all over the internet.



And I won’t even drop down to youtube & facebook for comments – it’d be an endless article!

What does this all mean??

Since the dawn of Desi artists in the Hip Hop game, artists have been trying to break the barrier between the East & the West.

Countless artists have tried to bridge the gap, or bring both worlds together. I’m not gonna say that they failed at it, but I’ll just say that they didn’t really grab the attention of the right target market like they wanted to.


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What Lazarus was able to do with this music video for ‘Man on a Mission’ is demand attention from artists and fans of Hip Hop from the West and the East.

While the likes of Crooked I, D12, Andy Davoli showed their support, giants across the ocean(s) like Manj Musik also jumped on to appreciate the art produced by Lazarus.

To me, this feels like a shift. A shift in the right direction – for Desi Hip Hop fans, artists, and the entire Hip Hop movement as a whole.

Keep rockin’ Laz… on to the next one!

lazarus man on a mission

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