Lazarus & The Wu-Tang Clan go head to head in lyrical stand off!

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Lazarus just combined with The Wu-Tang Clan to compose a lyrically fired up single where the artists go after mainstream rappers in the game.

Ghostface Killah rocked the ’90s as one of the leaders of legendary Hip Hop group, Wu-Tang Clan. As Ghostface, Method Man, GZA, RZA, Inspektah Deck, Raekwon killed it with historic albums, their worldwide brand name spread like wild fire. Now, there is probably no corner in the world where someone does not know the infamous crew.

“On this song, there is no holding back. It’s time to go all out” – Lazarus

In ‘Decapitation Chamber’ the two emcees went head to head after an introduction by Public Enemy’s Chuck D. Right after Ghostface Killah wrapped up his verse, Lazarus went in hard for the next 3 minutes to deliver his decapitation blow.

Since the rise of Hip Hop among Desi and Asian artists, this is the first time that a member of the Wu-Tang acknowledged and co-signed a ‘Desi’ artist. Lazarus came through and took the opportunity to prove his skills and justify the cosign from Hip Hop’s elite.


Lazarus went on to say: “Expect a lot of people to get offended by what is being said on the song. And it’s not a cry for attention. It’s just that there are certain things that all die hard Hip Hop fans want said that artists are too scared to say directly in regards to the direction Hip Hop as a whole has been moving towards. On this song, there is no holding back. It’s time to go all out.”

Lazarus’ name is synonymous with a strong desi connection and his life story essentially keeps the brown pride alive. A real-life practicing doctor who also goes surgical in the booth! He has dropped a string of tracks that have elevated the scene one by one. His tracks also include verses from the rap supergroup D12, Royce Da 5’9, Crooked I, Rick Ross, Bohemia, Gucci Mane, among other legends in the game.