Vocalist and poet Rosina Kazi and producer Murr, began collaborating on music as Lal in 1998, mucking about with tones of gear and wild poetics. In the early 00’s, they created two politically charged critically-acclaimed albums, Corners (2002) and Warm Belly, High Power (2004). the latter earning them the distinction of ‘2004’s Best Soul Album’ by Canadian music bible Exclaiim! Magazine. Relentless touring across Canada and growing press attention followed, and accomplished bassist Ian de Souza joined the fray. Inspired by the events surrounding September 11, 2001, and its fallout and most particularly by the fate of several deported friends, Lal created their album, Deportation (2008). They have had extensive radio play on CBC, campus radio and many of their songs appear in Indie media, films and documentaries, including radio show and online site, Democracy Now.

Their newest recording self-titled Lal, is inspired by the projections of their hopes and their fears into the future. Their fears being that if we as a society keep going along the road we are currently on, we will end up in a very scary place. But their hopes keep their fears in check, and their faith is rock solid in the ability of the human spirit to keep creating midst of struggle. Their dynamic live show is a testament to the glorious exploration of the depths of humanism – building community while ripping apart words, notes, and rhythms, eyes open to the injustice that burrows deep into the fabric of society, and hearts burning with the fire of justice for all.