Lakshya’s Return To Rap Is A Success Story In The Making!


In 2017, with the release of “Bottoms Up”, Lakshya had proven that at any given point in time, making a “commercial sounding” track would be a breeze for an underground artist like himself. The true skill and proficiency that comes with learning the artform well multiply into easy creativity when you want to do simpler forms of music.

But that was the last we saw of Lakshya for the next 3 years. With “Killer”, Lakshya brought forward a wave of raw lyricism, hardcore beats, and a soundscape that fits really well with the sounds of Desi Hip-Hop in 2020. Lakshya is back once again, and back to stay!

When asked about the hiatus, Lakshya says “I had to go MIA from the Indian rap scene due to some personal issues and I went on a hiatus for about 3 years. The last official track I released was back in the year 2017 titled “Bottoms up” which was a more bent on the commercial side of rap music and gained me a lot of appreciation for an independent artist; however, that was it.”

The Mind Behind Killer

We caught up with the man himself, and asked him about his process behind the creation of “Killer” a song that has resonated well with both the underground and commercial audiences in Desi Hip-Hop, and this was what he had to say;

Q) What was the idea/process behind Killer?

Lakshya With “Killer”, my old college friend Aviral Bahuguna, who goes by the alias of “Hammerhead” worked with me on the production of this track. The track is an infusion of hard-hitting trap drums and EDM bass drop mixed with some witty rapid-fire hardcore rap bars in which I’m talking about people having disbelief in me, my work and my attempt at standing against them and all the other odds is pretty relevant to any indie artist trying to make it big out there.”

Q) How do you think people responded to this comeback?

Lakshya – “I wrote this track back in 2016 but somehow back then I thought that the time is not right to put it out just yet and hence it took 4 years for “Killer” to see the light of the day. Since I did not release any music for almost 3 years I certainly did not expect “Killer” to receive the kind of response that it did. It spread like a wildfire and also got shared by mainstream music OGs Manj Musik and Raftaar. The track even bagged in a spot to be aired on Bobby Friction’s show on BBC Asian Network and BBC Sounds. I guess it’s safe to say now that I’m back!”

Check out the song below and don’t forget to find these artists and much more sounds on our official Spotify playlist – All India Hip Hop!