Kru172 Keep It Raw & Real In “Rockin With The Best”

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Kru172 are probably one of the first (if not the first ever) binary crews in Indian Hip-Hop Culture. They are two brothers who have been on the grind since the early days of the Hip-Hop scene in India. It is the perseverance and the dedication to the artform that counts, and Kru172 has shown that since Day 1! The duo has dropped a lot of hit singles along the way and are widely recognized in the scene.

Throughout the years the brothers have given their blood sweat and tears to the game. And the results are popping with each new release that they do. For two artists hailing from Punjab, and doing Hip hop music in their own way, it is a moment of pride to see that the results are finally showing. In their career they have also always made it a point to set themselves apart from the whole soundscape of the North Indian music industry.

This includes in a lot of their other endeavours apart from hip hop music. They represent a raw and real sound which is unlike a lot of music that is usually heard from the Punjabi music industry. The Punjabi music industry has also been thriving on its own for years, and has mostly made Bollywood pop type songs. Kru172 has been active for over a decade and has focused on the quintessential sound of global hip hop, albeit in a Desi manner. The duo have even provided the theme song for Jinder Mahal, the Indian WWE superstar!

Rockin With The KRU

The latest released “Rocking With The Best” is a glaring example of what the duo is capable of bringing to the table. We hear the tunes of some raw boombap sounds colliding with the vicious and impactful vocals of Nottotune & Lucky. The song, as serious as it is, the video slowly and sarcastically takes a dig at all the doubters and critics.

The song is an outburst and a sort of reclamation to the throne of punjabi Hip Hop. It serves as a public service announcement that they are still around and more than ready to face the competition. Skills still matter, in the vast soundscape of punjabi rap, there are few emcees who can go back and forth spitting dope lines in the booth. Their music is also not entirely street hop either. They are carving their identities on a separate league of their own. And the same is evident in their long releases.

The video for the song is crafted really well in terms of creativity and visual identity. We see the brothers take on many roles during the course of this video. It is a sight to be witnessed and we also see cameos from bangalore based femcee Siri, and another Hip Hop duo from Bombay – D’Evil and Enkore. Old school flows mixed with raw boom bap beats and a video that offers visual treats, they’ve delivered this time and again.

Watch the video for Kru172 – “Rocking With The Best” bangalore and don’t forget to share and spread this amazing sound!