Kodak Black Donates School Supplies To Florida Kids From Prison


Kodak Black wants to be a helping hand to his hometown area’s schools. This comes amid the shutdown of Broward County schools, like many others across the U.S.; until at least April 15 because of the social distancing requirements to curb the spread of the virus.

One day later, his attorney Bradford Cohen told TMZ. He told, Kodak Black will be donating 625 books or $5,000 worth of school supplies from prison to first-to fifth-grade students in his native Broward County, Florida to meet the state’s reading standards.

Cohen explained Kodak has a new untitled album in the works in an additional since-deleted Instagram post Thursday. He also declared that his donation isn’t a means of promotion for the forthcoming LP. Cohen said that orders for the supplies has already placed & should arrive within the next few days.

“Even when he knows it wont help his situation, he still gives not because of an ulterior motive, but because that’s what he does,” Cohen said. “How many rappers that have been locked up help out from the box?”

Kodak Black is currently serving a 46-month prison sentence after being found guilty in a federal gun posssession case. Plus, he faces 2 to 7 years to be served following his guilty plea for an attempted second-degree criminal possession charge.

HEADER IMAGE by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images