Kodak Black Donates 100 Air Conditioners to Florida Housing Project Residents


Kodak Black has been in a charitable mood since getting out of prison in January. Now, he’s helping dozens of people beat the summer heat.

According to TMZ, the Bill Israel rapper purchased 100 air conditioning units for around $12,500 and donated them to residents at the Golden Acres Projects in his hometown. He went door-to-door with the units on July 3, presenting residents with the generous gift, many of whom were brought to tears.

Kodak teamed up with Francky Pierre, who runs the Philanthropic Work and Outreach charity, to make his vision come to life.


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Kodak brought some of the residents to tears. They were incredibly grateful because for anyone who lives in Florida in the Summer, it’s a Godsend. Florida in July is no picnic, it’s super humid and hot.

Kodak Black’s willingness to give back played an integral role in his release from prison. As one of Donald Trump’s final acts in the Oval Office, he issued presidential pardons to both Kodak and Lil Wayne, along with dozens of other people.

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