Kings United Winning “World Of Dance” Is More Than A Proud Moment For The Scene – Here’s Why.

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Kings United are India’s biggest dance crew. Period. Founded by Suresh Mukund, his team has seen it all, done it all, and are still in pursuit of newer heights. From winning reality shows to bronze medals in the World Hip-Hop Championships to having their story adapted on the Bollywood big screen with the movie ABCD 2. This is a crew that has performed globally and this year, Kings United has represented the Indian Hip-Hop scene loud and proud at the 2019 “World Of Dance” Championship.

This is a milestone unlike any other and will go down in the history of Desi Hip Hop due to the scale at which the team has accomplished this goal. The achievement is one of the highest benchmarks on the representation of Indian Hip Hop culture . It represents the strength and talent within the Indian Hip-Hop community.

Glory To The Kings!

In global mainstream media, almost every community has been stereotyped into a box. The mainstream media shows people a portrait of a people that sticks to parts of either basic or fabricated imagery. Indian Hip-Hop is now easily on a level with the global industry. It is time for people to turn to the sounds, dance and roots of Indian Hip-Hop.

It is important to explore the scene in-depth to get the gist of the entire community. The dancers based out of Mumbai have been changing perceptions and bringing home stripes to the country for years. It’s time we followed the movement and supported more of our Hip-Hop talents. DHH Salutes the Kings United Crew  Below are the dance routines that cemented the Kings’ glory in the world scenario. Watch all of the dance routines that propelled the Kings to the top of the totem pole.