King ND Sends “The Message” In Coolest Acapella Music Video Ever!

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Chennai based rapper Nitish Dogra aka King ND is out with his brand new album “Kings Never Die (K.N.D.)”. The 7 track album has the rapper reaching out to people who are trying to find solace through music. King ND speaks to his audience through his lyrics and hopes to get the recognition he deserves. Finally the album is out and is exclusively distributing it on all major platforms!


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Talking about the music video of “The Message” King ND stated, “K.N.D has seven tracks in it which is like a movie itself from the start to the finish. I wanted to push my own limit of making music. So I experimented with the first track of the album titled ‘THE MESSAGE’ which is completely Accapella. The music video is shot by the very talent Santosh Chinni and D’PAK has beautifully edited the video.”

king ND the message

The peppy music video is fun to watch from beginning to the end. Nitish has executed a great Acapella style music video but with a refreshing twist of hip hop verses. He urges the people to not be brainwashed by the music, but to give importance to the lyrics being said as well. “People think it’s easy to write a song but when a poet is penning down his poetry he is in a constant battle with his thoughts. Pay attention to the lyricE. every track has a deep meaning attached to it with a hint of motivation,” King ND signed off.

Watch the music video of “The Message” by King ND here –

King ND has high hopes from this album’s release as he aims to catch the audience’s attention. Talking about the album he stated it has seven tracks which form a movie-like story line from the inception. Thomas Hodek aka Tellingbeatzz who is an amazing producer from Munich, Germany has produced rest of the six tracks from the album. Entire album was recorded with the help and guidance of K.K. Senthil Prasath who is also credited for the engineering.

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