Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective’s Shizty And Crost Beautifully Story Tell In “No Love”

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Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective might not sound like an unfamiliar name to you if you’re truly a desi hip-hop fan. Those who don’t know them should definitely check them out. Furthermore, 2 of the crew’s members Crost and Shizty dropped a sick tune called “No Love” which is directed and edited by Vivek Vision. As a matter of fact, Sun J produced the joint.

No Love

The track depicts basic yet very affecting love story. As a matter of fact, both the artists portray the track in a way which shows today’s relationship and its adverse effect on each other. This is for the first time Shizty dropped a full-fledged track and this shows that she is way more talented than we used to think. The track came out independently on her YouTube channel. On the other hand, Crost truly complimented the track with his soulful rhymes. The track is a must watch!

Significant lyrics from the track

“Hey, Yo! these are my words to the one who is gone,

I can’t get you back I know it’s been so long,

I’m still the same who is ballin in the lane,

I’m still the same player you met in the 11 grade.”

Check Out The Track “No Love” Here –

Brief about Crost-  Arjun Mohan who goes by the moniker of Crost, is an underground rapper from New Delhi. As a matter of fact, he represents the hip-hop game with Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective. Being in the game for 13-15 years, he has seen a lot. From the streets to the life in drugs and the trouble which he says is all part of his life. In fact, he is a dropout from school. Due to this, he has a troublesome history and now is on a hustle to get the game up with the Collective.

crost khatarnaak

 (Crost From Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective)

Furthermore, he has also worked wid BK and TCC in the past. Through all the ups and downs, he says he just believed in himself and the music and carried on. According to him “Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective” is his saviour and he is ready to take it on different level with the crew. Currently, he is making fresh music with different artists from and outside the city.

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Speaking of “No Love” Crost mentioned, “The track is about how the two of us feel and how they describe it. As a matter of fact, the rap part says that he is hoping that she stayed and how crazy we both were together. Now that she is gone, he can’t change it but wants to talk about it and hope she listens. Basically, it’s a breakup track.”

Brief about Shizty – She is an independent artist who covers almost everything from writing to the composition. As a matter of fact, she goes by the same stage name. Shizty has a beautiful voice and we’re sure that “No Love” is going to be loved by the masses. She is going to be the next big star. Shizty has plenty of work in her kitty and you’ll get to know more with her next release.


 (Shizty From Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective)

Shizty further added about “No Love”, “This track is mainly about two different people fleeing convincing that they had enough of love. As a matter of fact, lyrics are self-written. On the other hand, Sun J has produced the music for No Love. Vivek Vision handled the camera. Also, when I composed the whole song I felt a little part of rap portion will justify the track and Crost was around.”