Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective Hits Back With Chillin Wala Scene 3!

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Delhi based rap supergroup Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective is back with a bang! The group has recently been on a roll performing at various cities across India and they are all set to perform at the second edition of Delhi Hip-Hop Meet ’18. Khatarnaak is a Hip-Hop collective that is constantly evolving in terms of their soundscape. Khatarnaak represents a good brand of raw Hip-Hop in Delhi and keeps their tonality pure to the roots of Hip-Hop. After dropping two series of “Chillin Wala Scene” which basically is a posse cut type of track. The series involves the artists rapping bar for bar one after the other and it usually takes the approach of a one shot video.

This time was no different. The video starts with a throwback to the previous “Chillin Wala Scene” edition and cuts to the first verse by Jinn. The gang really comes through with some heat from the get go. Moving from verse to verse seems effortless and though the video is about five minutes in length, the transitions make good use of the time.

Chill Scenes

The best part about this crew is also their synchronicity with each other. They are a close-knit family who are like minded people looking to thrive in the world of Desi music. Each track that they have done individually or crew-wise can be fully recited line-for-line on stage. This is something that was witnessed in the B3 India event held in Mumbai, where the crew was the headlining act of the day. The crew is adept in Hindi and English rap and the members seem to switch between the two in each of their drops. Hailing from a predominantly hindi background, it is commendable to see the ease with which they pull of their English verses too!

The Trilogy

This track also shows off their unity in uniform. They flaunt their newly adorned “Khatarnaak” hoodies with pride as they proceed to rip the verses one after the other. We also see some fresh bars from Cecilia, the newest addition to the crew. She displays a lot of potential and finesses her way through the verse. The collective aims to keep dropping multiple projects through all their individual as well as crew based projects. Listening to each of the members closely will reveal distinct diversities within each one of the members.

Overall, this is a crew that learns and grows with each other. Their skillset is without a doubt some of the finest upcoming talents that we are witnessing. With each drop, each of the emcees seem to be growing more and more, spreading the culture of Hip-Hop into as many places as they can. With a diverse group of emcees, beatboxers and bboys alike, they are definitely a squad to look out for.

Watch the video for the third edition of Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collectives “Chillin Wala Scene” up above. And do not forget to Like, Share and Subscribe to their channel for some amazing music headed your way! Live and direct, straight outta the capital city!