Khatarnaak drops fire in Latest Sony Music Release – Chillin Wala Scene 4

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Sony Music’s Hip Hop imprint, ‘Awaaz’, in collaboration with Desi Hip Hop Inc, is out to create a lot of noise. And, much like the label’s name suggests, their latest release, “Chillin Wala Scene 4” by Delhi’s very own Khatarnaak Hip Hop Collective is causing havoc.

When Mumbai’s Finest produced legends like Divine, Ace, and others, there were a group of Hip Hop heads in Delhi called ‘Khatarnaak’. The group, which has been active for almost a decade, consists of dancers, rappers, beat boxers, producers, artists, and everything Hip Hop. 

Watch Chillin Wala Scene 4 by Khatarnaak


The group has been on a roll throughout 2019 with performances at various cities across India and numerous releases under their belt. Their most recent music release before Chillin Wala Scene 2 was also under Sony Music, but it was a collaboration with Delhi artist, Slyck Twoshadez, in ‘Tera Bhai’. The Hip Hop collective is constantly evolving in terms of their soundscape and they represent a brand of raw Hip Hop talent in Delhi which is pure to the roots of Hip-Hop. 

Much like the legendary Wu Tang Clan, India’s Khatarnaak crew is out to influence the community of Hip Hop through every avenue of art available to them. When asked about the impact of the group, Sun J went on to mention, “We will always remain true to Hip Hop. That means that we will tell the true and real stories that come from our neighborhoods and our streets in Delhi and all over India. That is our goal.”

Chillin Wala Scene 4 includes the rappers Sun J, Jinn, Tapas, Shan Krozy, Cecilia, and Sushanto. Directed by Tarun, it has an interesting cinematic feel to the whole piece. With an enticing story-line and visuals that stand out, Chillin Wala Scene 4 captures the attention of Hip Hop fans from around the world.

Hardik Dave, CEO of Desi Hip Hop Inc, added, “When I first saw and met this crew a number of years ago, I knew that they were the real deal! These artists are going to bring back the life of Hip Hop around the world, that’s a fact.”

Khatarnaak’s skillset is without a doubt some of the finest upcoming talents that we are witnessing in India. With every release, the emcees seem to be growing more and more, spreading the culture of Hip-Hop into as many places as they can. With a diverse group of emcees, beatboxers, and bboys alike, they are definitely a squad to look out for.