Kav-E And Hardknok Go Head To Head at B3 India!

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B3 Art of War 2: Last of Kings features an exhibition battle between two rap game veterans Kav-E and Hardknok. Hardknok, who is an Insignia veteran and a pretty familiar face at B3, now looks to go head to head against Kav-E. Kav-E has been a part of the Bombay rap scene for a really long time. He has been earning a name for himself through his lyrics and poetry all the while.

Clash Of Kings

Last time Kav-E battled was fellow crew member Poetik Justis in B3 Home Invasion. Both of them went line for line in an intense match.  And Kav-E surely proved that he can be brutal in a battle and should not be undermined for his soft poetic rapper image. Hardknok on the other hand has been the most consistent battle rapper since Insignia days. He has been battling in B3 since B3 Home Invasion and we had seen him last battle That Dude AJ for the B3 : Grand Master championship series. Hardknok has proven time and again that he is a top battle rapper. And no one has ever considered battling him an easy task.

This battle is going to be a comeback to battle rap for Kav-E as he’ll be battling after a long time. Also this battle serves as redemption for Hardknok as well. As he will be ready to get back from the loss he faced from That Dude AJ. Even though this is an exhibition battle it is no lesser than a main event on B3 Art of War 2: Last of Kings. And the probabilities are pretty high that it may end up to be one of the best battle of the evening.

Event Details HERE – https://www.facebook.com/events/224579428320072