Kat Eyez

Kat Eyez is known for his mysterious green eyez and his versatile approach to music. His style of Hip-Hop is recognized to relate to the two separate realms of Hip-Hop, (commercial and underground). He has a versatile voice and he can drop reggae melodies or upbeat party tracks or street anthems at any given time. He has created a lifestyle out of his music. The energy of his voice and his hypnotic style is a force that cannot be reckoned with.

Born to South Asian parents, K.E started showing his passion for music at a very young age. By the age of 16, he discovered his own style and realized that he has what is takes to become an emcee. He draws most of his inspirations from his cultural background and childhood experiences. K.E’s musical influences along the way have come from a variety of different artist such as Apache Indian, Snow, Bob Marley, Sanchez, 2Pac and Biggie. With this diversity of music around him, he is able to capture his audiences with all different flavours of music.

Kat Eyez unique reggae and hip-hop flow began finding its ways to speakers and ears. After doing numerous shows and freestyle battles K.E caught the buzz on the streets and was heard by New York Multi-Platinum Producer Marcus Kane. Soon after, through Marcus’s guidance and K.E’s determination, they were able to put together a street platinum cd, called “Katastrophe”.
Now based out of Toronto K.E continues to spread his energy through his music. Kat Eyez has succeeded in attaining what most artists strive towards. K.E has created his own signature style, made it his own, and continues to build a solid foundation on experience, business-savvy, friendship and skill. K.E is currently working in the studio on his follow up album to be released sometime this year.