Karl Lagerfeld And Vans’ Present Amazing Collection For Hip-Hop Girls!


Vans brought Karl Lagerfeld to redesign their classic checker-board pattern for their upcoming product range. This Karl-Vans range is not designed in a hip-hop way but is perfect if you’re looking for a change. In fact, the first-look of these products is here to change your opinions instantly about the classic check-board pattern.

The news of Vans and Karl’s collaboration went public last week but the rumours were hinting this venture from a long time. Senior shoe designer of Vans, Angie Dita went down the memory lane to talk about this collaboration. “We decided to work together since both Vans and Karl Lagerfeld’s brand messaging revolved around products that are timeless and iconic”, she said.


The subsequent collection came out with breath-taking designs. It features Skate brand’s prestigious sneakers like the Old Skool, Sk8 Hi and Classic Slip-On with pattern like K-sewed leather, luxurious fabric. All in all, Lagerfeld’s designs worked well with Vans’ famous checker-board print. The range reaches out past footwear, with graphic-driven Ts, Bombers, Leather backpacks and head-gears. This is a 12-piece collaboration with Karl’s brand name and logos. These products will be available at Karl’s stores when Vans releases it on September 7th. This product range features units priced between $40 to $300. Its a women-only clothing range which is sad news for guys who are fanatics of black & white designs.

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3Image: Range of Karl-Vans Products

If you’re wondering who Karl Lagerfield is, here’s what you need to know. Karl is a German fashion designer who is currently based in Paris, France. He has worked with luxury fashion brands like H&M, Jean Patou, Macy‘s and others. He is also the head-designer for Chanel and creative director for Fendi. In addition, he owns his private clothing line and is known for experimenting with black and white.

There was an outrage caused by Lagerfeld’s utilisation of a verse from the Quran in his spring 1994 couture accumulation for Chanel, despite of apologetic statements from the planner and the design house. He apologised and clarified that he has taken the line from a book on Taj Mahal and thought it literates to some poem on love.


The shoe and lifestyle brand cleared its intentions of growing their range to significantly promote a worldwide takeover. This was to pay honor on their 50th anniversary on March 16. Vans has set up their permanent locations in Brooklyn and London already. Before #DamnDaniel became viral, Vans has been celebrating their success.

“I think like Vans, I try to have a style that could be seen as timeless. I never tried to make things just so it could withstand the test of time but some of what I’ve done has. In fact, I look at Vans that way as well. Any time you celebrate longevity it’s a beautiful thing. You are thanking your supporters and laughing at your doubters at the same time,” rapper Nas said at an event while praising the brand.

So, if you’re a Vans-fan and appreciate the black and white combination, this product range is a blessing for you. How do you like the story? Let us know in the comments down below.

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