Karan Kanchan Recreates Shutdown EP’s ‘FLAVOURS’ beat Live on #UNFLTRD Podcast

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Karan Kanchan, one of India’s most prolific producers, joined DesiHipHop’s #UNFLTRD Video Podcast produced & hosted by DJayRaf, to share the makings of the production for one of the most popular songs from DIVINE & Gully Gang’s SHUTDOWN EP – Flavours by MC Ataf, Sammohit, Saifan.

During this live session, streamed live on YouTube, Facebook, & Twitch, Karan Kanchan not only broke down the production process, but he also dropped multiple gems of knowledge and experience from his time in the music industry.

Watch EP013 of #UNFLTRD Podcast | Karan Kanchan #BehindTheBeat

Karan Kanchan is an extremely versatile producer who is capable of producing music of all genres. From Pop music to EDM to Dubstep and, of course, Hip Hop. In fact, he is the producer of multiple Hip Hop hits within the Desi Hip Hop industry. His work with major artists like DIVINE, Naezy, Raja Kumari, MC Altaf, & countless others makes him one of the most sought-after producers in the Indian music industry right now.

When the show’s host, DJayRaf, asked about his experience working with DIVINE, Karan went on to say that “DIVINE is one of the most down-to-earth people in the music industry. His constant support, inspiration, and believe in what I do always helped me improve myself, and made me a better producer in the long run.”

During this special #BehindTheBeat segment of the #UNFLTRD podcast, Karan Kanchan shared his equipment, his most favorite plugins, VSTs, and his entire production process for MC Altaf, Sammohit, Saifan’s FLAVOURS single from Gully Gang’s SHUTDOWN EP. He went on to explain that Flavours first started as a solo song by MC Altaf, but because the instrumental was so catchy, Sammohit & Saifan had to jump on and bless the mic.

Watch the full episode on YouTube, or if you like streaming audio podcasts while you’re on the go, you’ll find it everywhere that podcasts are available – Spotify, Apple Music, Google Podcasts, and elsewhere.

At the end of this #UNFLTRD episode, DJayRaf asked Karan Kanchan if he had a message for the audience. Karan added, “For any of the producers out there, stay curious and ask a lot of questions!” Karan urges producers and artists to not expect early results, and that people should deploy patience against everything that they are doing. He also went on to say that, “Everything happens for a reason, just keep working, inspire eachother, and keep at it, eventually everything will fall into place at the right time.”