Kam Shah’s “Tanha Tanha” Boasts His Diverse Range

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In the Desi Hip-Hop scenario, a word that’s tossed around quite a lot is “range”. Artists talk about the different types of songs they could write, the different ways they could choose to flow on a beat. But within all this noise, Kam Shah takes a bold step forward and outside the circle. By doing this, he pushes the pedal on his songwriting to cement his own range.

Kam Shah "Tanha Tanha"

His latest release “Tanha Tanha” is one such song. Kam Shah has once again taken it up a notch and given us all a soothing mainstream bi-lingual track. This song features Jesh Raju absolutely slaying the beat with his Punjabi vocals. The song talks about love and the absence of it. It talks about the loneliness and how things that go around come around.

Kam Shah has also been featured previously on DesiHipHop.com as we released his song GTA. That song is also a must check for people who want to understand the expanded range of Kam’s abilities as an emcee.

We’re totally enjoying the latest song and the visuals for the song too. It seems like a new phase for Kam to enter and he’s perfectly clearing the driveway for a smooth journey. Check out “Tanha Tanha” down below and let us know your thoughts.