Kam Shah drops banger with ‘Krash’


Kam Shah’s back with a brand new banger. The lit music video and cool visuals play alongside the west coast artist’s 2018 banger – Krash.

Krash features Kam Shah’s lyrical skills on the mic. The beat speaks and breathes Kam’s style of music; it also represents production that represents California. With Kam Shah’s smooth vocals, a tight & catchy hook, and a dope beat, this is perfect ‘ridin’ music’  – in fact, this is the kinda music that I’ve been vibing to in my car all week.

Kam Shah is a Desi Hip Hop veteran and has been featured multiple times on DesiHipHop.com with songs like GTA, Tanha Tanha, he’s made his mark in the genre.

After the release of GTA in October 2014, Kam Shah‘s music career was placed back on hold. He got caught up with major trouble with the law, and had to fight for his freedom. Making music was the least of his worries.  However one year later, in 2016, Kam Shah resolved the legal case, and that’s when he decided to release some of his music which he worked along side with Jesh Raju (singer & brother of Kam Shah).  The duo was discovered shortly after early 2017 by Miraj Patel, who decided to invest in the team.

Kam Shah’s Network was already rock solid with personal ties with numerous industry talents like his mentor – Taz from Stereo Nation, and the likes of Guju Bhai, Mally Mall, Too Short, King Jacka, Curtis Young, Haji Springer, Roc Walla, and Bohemia. 

In 2017, Kam’s team formed their own record Label – Titans Music Group- in association with DesiHipHop, and they are scheduled to release a slew of new releases throughout 2018.