Kaly Breaks Free From The Norms In Latest Single “AntiSocial”

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An abandoned house. A great musician. A thousand thoughts. This covers the gist of what Kaly’s latest video looks like. But the clear cut message the song has to offer is what separates the artist from everyone else.


The song is a gritty message that Kaly effortlessly announces on his arrival to the rap game. He’s prepared, he’s revving and he’s a complete emcee. It feels great to know that the art of honing ones lyricism in rap still holds high value. And Kaly does a pretty good job of delivering the same length of raw uncut lyrics as many emcees in Hip-Hop.

The video is concise and sees Kaly in an abandoned home performing the track. The next setting is in his own Tahoe. The song also relates to this at one point. AntiSocial in all of it’s elements, the song and the video does the job of separating Kaly from everyone else. Of course this doesn’t mean it alienates him even one bit.



Breaking Apart From The Norm

This artist is one that really sounds different from a lot of other recent up and comers because of the pure talent and skill he puts on the table. A power-packed punch of a track like this is not easy to come by, much less create in these times in Hip-Hop. But Kaly seems to carry tradition without fail and do his own thing to add his own colour to the mural that the culture is.

We eagerly await more of his songs and videos. Desi Hip-Hop tries to collect, cultivate and expand the reach of every one of the great artists we come by, and Kaly would not be a voice to ignore. Brown and Proud. Watch the full video and comment your thoughts. Don’t forget to share the song and subscribe to the artist.